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Beloved brothers and sisters, we receive many testimonies by telephone, letter, and e-mails. Only by God's great mercy and love could these testimonies be possible. We have selected a few testimonies that have touched our hearts to share with you. We hope that your spirits may be lifted by reading how the Lord is touching people's lives.
SLANDERED BY MAN, DEFENDED BY GOD - Imanta (Bitung - North Celebes)
My father was slandered by a colleague of his that became jealous of the accolades my father achieved at work. He even managed to bribe a number of, my father's, ex-staff to lie about my father. This man even managed to get the police to arrest my father. But I always knew that my father is an honest man that loves the Lord.

After being prayed for by Rev.John Hartman and prayer partners at GO studio, and being prophesied over by Rev.Hartman that things would turn around for my father, not soon after, things began to happen. My father won his case in court. My father also became upset because the police arrested him without proper evidence, but he decided not to take legal action against them. It saddens our heart to see the man that caused so much trouble for my father, have his carrier destroyed. This man has also become ill, with a large lump on the side of his neck. Itís sad to see, but the vengeance is the Lordís to take. The Lord has taught us to love our enemies. We can only pray that God will change his heart and restore him, Amen!
I CAN WALK AGAIN - Gi Yok (Rangkasbitung - West Java)
The sickness that I have had to face was very painful. I had a problem with my heel, and after going to the doctor, his prognosis was that I would never walk again. It almost made me give up hope.

On the 18th of November, I was watching the Live broadcast of Penyegaran Rohani Kristen on RCTI. As Rev.Hartman was praying, I felt down hearted, so I followed him in prayer. After he was done praying, Rev. Hartman said he saw in the spirit, that there was a man that could not walk "In the name of Jesus, Get up and walk" he commanded. So I got up, and praise the Lord, I could walk. Jesus is so wonderful, I can walk normally again. All honor, power and praise only to the Lord God.
CYST DISAPPEARED - Mrs.Jeanne (Bekasi)
For some time now, I had a cyst in my right ovary. When watching the Live Program on RCTI, after praying, Rev. John Hartman said, "by His stripes, you were already healed."

Immediately I felt a gush of wind and the gentle touch of a hand on the right side of my abdomen. I wondered where the draft came from since the fan wasnít switched on and the window was shut.

Then I realized that this must be the work of the Holy Spirit. A few days later, I went to see the doctor and he told me that the cyst in my right ovary had disappeared. Praise Jesus, our Almighty God.
For several days, my son Rudy walked with a swollen red eye. We didn't know what caused it. I took him to see the doctor who gave him some medicines, which didnít seem to have any effect.

On Sunday, we watched the Live Program on RCTI and listened to the message preached by Rev. John Hartman. I still remember it clearly. The Reverend said, "Right now, the Lord is touching and healing a boy with a swollen red eye." I had immediately looked at Rudy and urged him to believe in what the Reverend had said. Amazingly, that very instant my sonís right eye was healed. Praise God!
Nina, 21 ( Bandung)
A 21-year old young woman named Nina from Bandung , had been coping with the devastating effects of brain cancer, until it progressed to its final stage. After falling into a coma, the doctors gave Nina no longer than 3-4 days to live. Ninaís devastated mother was watching the LIVE telecast of Penyagaran Rohani on RCTI, the afternoon of August 22, 2007 . She believed with all her heart that God would heal the affliction her daughter was facing. After the program was over, Ninaís overjoyed mother contacted Go Studio and testified that after watching GOís LIVE program her daughter had awoke from her coma. When the doctors checked on Ninaís condition they discovered that the brain cancer was completely gone! Nina is now able to talk and function normally. This young woman is now a living testament to Jesusí miraculous healing power.
Ibu Ati (Jakarta)
During the LIVE program of August 19, 2007 Rev. Hartman received the word of knowledge that a viewer was suffering from an infection of both the upper and lower gums. After enduring this pain for years, Ibu Ati was instantly healed after being prayed for through the television.
If you've been touch by God through the ministry of GO Studio, we really love if you would share it. So your testimony can become a blessing to many of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Please write down your testimony inside the form below:
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