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The Lord brought us to Jayapura for 3 nights of crusades. On May 23, 2007, we boarded our flight at around 8pm and arrived safely the next morning at 4:30am. Upon our arrival, we received a warm welcome from the crusade's committee.

After resting a couple of hours, we went and surveyed the area the crusades were to be held in the PTC (Papua Trade Center) from May 25-27. As we drove to our destination, we spoke prophetically that Papua would be blessed with well-being and prosperity. On the way, our hearts were filled with such compassion for every soul we met. This feeling was made even stronger when the committee members told us that many Papuans still lived in a state of poverty. They added that many Papuan communities had not yet been reached by the Gospel yet.

Praise God, the first night of crusades was a roaring success. Thousands of people attended, including the Vice Governor and his wife, local church leaders, and other important officials. We must remember that these crusades were made possible by several denominations of churches working together, and sometimes it's not easy for different denominations of churches to work together. If the Holy Spirit is in your midst, then there's no limitation to what can be achieved.

The very next day we attended a lunch meeting with the Vice Governor. We were all astounded, when he humbly explained how the Spirit of the Lord had touched him and his family. Many times the Vice Governor asked for agreement in prayer, for him and his family, but most of all for the welfare of the Papua people that they might all come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior.

During the second night of crusades, as songs of praise and worship were being sung to the Lord, thousands of people had come to hear the word of God. People from every direction came believing for a touch from the Lord. Children, teenagers, young and old alike began dancing as the joy of the Lord had come upon them. We were filled with insurmountable Joy because we could not believe our eyes at this amazing sight. How these people, living such simple lives (in our opinion as city dwellers) could dance with such happiness, as if they hadn't a care in the world. People who live in big cities tend to live forced and stressful lives. We often forget to add Jesus into every part of our everyday lives, seeing this was definitely medicine for our souls.

Before preaching the second night, Rev. Hartman asked for anyone in the crowd that had received a touch from the Lord during the previous night's crusade to come and give their testimony. One of the testimonies came from a father whose young son only had one testical. After being prayed for, the previous night, they went home believing for a miracle. The very next day, as the man's wife was bathing their son, she found that the young boy was healed of his problem. It also turns out that many people gave testimonies claiming they were freed from the spirit of fear.

The spiritual battle that we faced in Jayapura was different from most other areas. In Jayapura so many people seem to be held captive with the spirit of fear and evil spirits passed on by their ancestors. There are also a few young adults tapped in the satanic church.

Being successful doing the Lord's work is something we could never achieve alone. We must work together with a local committee. The hard work the committee, in Papua, did is clearly visible. Even after the crusade, the committee followed up on the people who attended and need a helping hand.

Something very interesting happened after Rev. Hartman preached the word of God to the massive crowd. A huge storm pelted Jayapura with rain, but no one left. Just like in one of our crusades to Bandar Lampung, a storm rained down upon the crowd, but they never left to find shelter, they just continued praising the Lord. You could see and feel the immense amount of joy resonating from the multitude that came to the crusade.

By the time the third night of crusades came, the amount of people who wished for a touch from the Lord swelled, filling PTC. Even those that were unable to come to the crusades were still able to watch LIVE on TOP TV (Teslivisi Orang Papua), a local TV station in Jayapura. A number of newspapers were also on hand to write about the crusades.

God's power can never be limited by time or distance. A young boy came to testify that when he was watching the live telecast of the crusade, Rev. Hartman was rebuking evil spirits, at that moment; the boy was flung to the floor. His family hurried him to the crusade in hopes that he could be prayed for. In the end, the Lord freed the boy from the evil spirit that had him trapped.

We came back to Jakarta, May 28 and continue our work for the Lord. Even though we're back in Jakarta, our hearts still pray and rejoice for the souls saved in Lampung and Jayapura.

We may not be able to lay hands and pray for everyone, but the Holy Spirit is unlimited. The Holy Spirit is far more capable of helping God's children than we could ever hope or pray for. We are just tools that are nothing without God's help. We can only serve his purpose. Let the Lord take control and make you more than you thought you could ever be.

Brothers and sisters, as we said before, we could never complete our task alone, we need you. Through this article, we wish to inform you how your donations are being put to use. Your prayers and love offerings are never wasted. They help make sure that millions of souls come out of the darkness and into the Lord?s light. Our battle is far from being over though, there are many souls out there waiting for the Lord to touch their lives.
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