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Crusade in Bandar Lampung
Once again the Lord is entrusting GO STUDIO with the huge responsibility of preaching the Gospel of Christ off-air through a series of crusades held in various areas in Indonesia. The crusade in Bandar Lampung marked the beginning of the series.

The team with Rev. John Hartman, Mrs. Mary Hartman, and the translator left Jakarta on May 12, 2007 using a rented bus. The weather was far from pleasant, in fact, it was raining heavily. Traveling on such a long journey on a bus at a senior age must have been exhausting for the Reverend and his wife. Yet there was never a complaint from the Reverend or his wife. In fact, on the ferry during the crossing, the Reverend and his wife joined other passengers on deck to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Sunda strait.

It was drizzling when we arrived in Bandar Lampung at 10 p.m. that night. A deep feeling of thankfulness filled our hearts as we finally stepped off the bus and were welcomed by the committee at one of the restaurants downtown. Afterwards we went to the house of one of the committee's private residence, a very comfortable and pleasant house, where we were to stay for the duration of the crusade. The relaxing environment encouraged us to be more enthusiastic for the task ahead. At 4.30 a.m. the next morning, before starting the day, the whole team gathered together for prayer. After, we went to check out the location where the crusade was to take place, its facilities as well as the equipment. The location was the Way Halim soccer field in Bandar Lampung. The committee informed us that initially the local Government had refused to give permission for the field to be used for the crusade because a soccer match had already been scheduled to take place that afternoon. We were never told the reason why the permit was eventually issued, but we knew it was the Lord at work. The Governor of Lampung himself attended the first night. Actually, he was one of the donors supporting this crusade.

May 15, 2007 was the first night of the crusade. Even before 5 p.m., when the crusade was to start, the field was already filled with a large crowd of people hungry for the Word of God, hungry for His touch. Whenever the Lord is at work, the devil will always try to mess it up. As the event was to begin, for no reason at all, the huge banner that has ?Rev. John Hartman ? Greater Works Television Crusade" written on it suddenly fell over. It caused quite a commotion, but we managed to put it upright again.

Shortly after this incident, the Governor arrived on the location. In his speech, the Governor mentioned how happy he was to be able to meet Rev. Hartman in person instead of just watching him on television. He even quoted a scripture from the Bible that is deeply rooted in his heart, a scripture he heard in his childhood.

The attack didn't stop with the incident of the banner. Dark clouds began to gather and covered the location. Soon it was pouring heavily, causing problems to the electricity and sound. But we were not giving in. We were even more enthusiastic when we saw the people remain standing in the pouring rain, faithfully listening to the message. Tears filled our eyes when Rev. Hartman gave the altar call and almost all the people rushed to the platform. Yet we are certain that the compassion we felt for these hungry souls with outstretched hands was nothing compared to God?s compassion.

Although we find it heartening to see the people flooding the platform, we were faced with another problem, the possibility that the platform might collapse. The platform which was built to support only a few dozens of people was now crowded with hundreds of people. While we find it difficult to move, the Reverend, Mrs. Hartman and the translator had hardly any room to move. Later, when it was time to leave, it was really difficult for them to get to the car.

Getting soaked wet by the rain didn't deter us. We see this as a blessing from the Lord. For every valuable experience, there is a precious price to pay. The rain did not quench our enthusiasm, or that of the committee's. In fact, it has motivated us to give our very best to make the second night even better, all for the glory of God.

On the second night, dark clouds again gathered over Bandar Lampung. We prayed fervently to God. He is a God that never fails. We saw the clouds dispersed and the sky became clear. Like the night before, many people including children enthusiastically came to the platform. As we lay hands on the crowd, we were moved by the hope expressed on the people's faces. Again and again we had to remind them that healing comes from the Lord, not from Rev. John Hartman or people. Some even climbed on to the platform hoping they get prayed over.

During our stay, we enjoyed the hospitality extended to us by the committee as well as the family who accommodated us. We understood the feeling of being part of each other as members of the family of God.

We carefully pass on the torch of salvation that the Lord has entrusted us to His people in Bandar Lampung. It is our prayer and desire to see this flame grow brighter until Jesus' second coming. We returned to Jakarta on May 17, 2007, and arrived at GO STUDIO head office at 2 a.m. in the morning the following day.

Our task is not finished. It's time now to begin preparations for the crusade in Jakarta, called "Malam Mujizat" (Miracle Night), to be held on May 22 as well as the one in Jayapura on May 25, 2007.
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