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Team Report of crusades in Ratahan and Tombatu, North Sulawesi

February 23rd 2008
In the morning, around 4:00 am, we left for Soekarno-Hatta airport. After flying for around 3 hours, thankfully, we arrived at Sam Ratulangi airport in Manado. With members of the team that had already arrived in Manado, we enjoyed authentic Manadonese cooking.

February 24th 2008
The first day, we went to the location of the crusade, Ompi field, Ratahan Southeast Minahasa. We worked well with the local Church committee and it made our job a lot easier. We helped build the stage, wire the electricity, set up the sound system, and get everything ready for the crusade.

February 25th 2008
Today is the first day that the crusade in Ratahan will take place. Even before the crusade began people, hungry for the word of God, came pouring into the field. When the crusade began, it was amazing to see the massive amounts of people still entering the field. Hundreds of people even brought their own chairs to enjoy the crusade thoroughly. Not only people from the village of Ratahan came to the crusade, people from all over rented trucks to bring themselves to the location of the crusades. They were that hungry to hear the word of God. Godís touch was more important than the distance they had to travel.

The touch of the Lord was so strong during the worship session and was even stronger when the word of God was preached. The Lord conveyed what was in HIs heart through His servant. He used the Lord's power to deliver a boy bound by an evil spirit and a mute spirit (Mark 9:14-27) The Word of God really touched the hearts of the people attending the crusades.

The crowd cheered loudly when they saw the Lord demonstrating his power through these poor weak and bound souls. Jesus Christ proved that nothing is impossible for Him. He proved his power is the same today, yesterday and forever. The Lord does not discriminate; one of the people that the Lord strengthened was a pastor that had already given up hope because of all the hardships heís faced as a pastor.

After the first night, some of the men in the crew stayed with our bus in the field to take care of the equipment.

February 26th 2008
The amount of people that attended the second night of the crusade increased a lot compared to the first night, even though heavy rains had drenched the field earlier in the day. Just as the night before, flocks of people came bringing their own chairs and plaited mats to sit, so they could sit comfortably. Many public transportation vehicles were parked in the field as well.

Rev. Hartman preached out of the book of Joshua 1:1-7. The Lord always fulfills the desires of his peopleís hearts, along with their needs. Thousands of people raced to the stage, when Rev. Hartman began healing sicknesses that the Holy Spirit had called.

The gifts of Jesus guided the crusade in Ratahan on the first and second night to a success. Thousands of people repented and made Jesus their Lord and Savior. Many were strengthened and restored. People were set free from evil spirits and sins that bound them. All this great work could only be done for the glory of God.

We arrived in Paleloan at 3 am. We were exhausted, but the thousands of souls saved in those two days became a source of strength and excitement for us to continue the Lordís work.

February 27th-28th 2008
We used the next two days, to get ready for the next crusade. We made sure the stage was properly built and all the equipment was ready for the crusade in Tombatu. Even though the distance between Paleloan and Tombatu was very far and it was pouring rain, we had to make sure that everything would be perfect for the crusade.

February 29th 2008
Our team of around 50 people left Paleloan bound for Tombatu at around 10am. The drive was so long, around 3 hours, that we had to stay in Tombatu for the entire crusade. The men and women both had different houses provided by the committee.

The crusade was in Lobu II, Tombatu, Southeast Minahasa. When the entire team and the committee began to pray for the crusade, for no reason, all the lights went out. The Lord is good and in no time at all the lights came back on.

The amount of people that attended this crusade was tremendously overwhelming compared to the previous crusade. Many people came in trucks, on motorcycles, and public transportation that was rented especially for the crusades.

Rev. Hartman was greeted with a band playing traditional music from Minahasa on bamboo instruments. The excitement of the crowd was clearly visible when Rev. Hartman preached the word of God. A lot of people were made whole through miracles of healing and many were set free from evil spirits.

Praise the Lord, the blessings of the Holy Spirit was upon that first night in the crusade and it was a rousing success.

March 1st 2008
Around 5pm, rain began to flood the area. The entire team gathered together and prayed for the rain to stop. By Godís grace we knew that the community in that area would still turn up for that nightís crusade.

When we arrived at the field, it was still raining and the field was full of water. We still had faith and know that the Lord would do His best for the people of that area. Slowly the rain came to a stop at 7:30pm. Most people might think that because of the bad weather that not many people would show up for the crusade, but the longing of Godís children in Tombatu, for His Word made people come out anyway.

Tons of people still showed up for the crusade and enjoyed themselves. During the alter call, a large portion of the crowd still came racing to the front, to feel the touch of the Lord, even if they had to stand in water.

Rev. Hartman gave a chance to anyone that had been healed by God to give a testimony. It was amazing; The Lord did so many great things for the people of Tombatu.

Some of the crowd that did not get a chance to be prayed for in the crusade, came to the house we were staying at for prayer. With joyful hearts, we prayed for their request.

Not long after the crusade, the entire team made the long trip back to Paleloan at 12am and arrived home at 3 in the morning.

March 3rd 2008
We left for Jakarta at around 12:05 pm and, praise the Lord, arrived safely. What we achieved is not by our strength or greatness but because of the Spirit of the Lord and your prayers.

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