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GO Studio's vision: "To reach the lost in Indonesia, Asia Pasific and the world with the Gospel of The Kingdom through TV, Radio, dan sattelite."
20 years ago God woke Reverend Hartman from his sleep and gave him a vision, with a corresponding scripture from Isaiah 42:10 "Sing unto the Lord a new song, and his praise from the end of the earth, ye that go down to the sea, and all that therein; the isles, and the inhabitants thereof." God asked him to sing a new song among the islands. The Lord then asked Rev.Hartman to create a map of Indonesia out of wood. The very next day Rev.Hartman made the map of Indonesia, out of wood he found in his backyard, just as the Lord had instructed. He then hung the map on a wall in his office. Rev.Hartman realized that the Lord was asking him to build a media ministry in Indonesia.

From that day forth, every time he passed the map, he had so carefully hung, Rev.Hartman would pray that the vision the Lord had given would come to pass. After 8 long years, he finally felt the beginnings of that vision, when he was invited to preach at a crusade in Indonesia. A few more years would pass before the vision would be fully realized. At last the building blocks were in place for God's media ministry, GO Studio, to come to fruition.

Six months of hard work and blessings had came and passed, when GO received the chance we had been waiting for, a program on the privately owned TV station RCTI. In December of 1991, GO was given a 15-minute airtime to preach the Gospel. The large outpouring of support by the Christian community was amazing. We received overwhelming response from the TV audience, they felt blessed at the way GO presented the word of God in a simple yet powerful way. GO Studio began to grow, in leaps and bounds, ultimately receiving more airtime on RCTI, increasing to 30 minutes, three times a month.
Live Program on RCTI
Thanks to the Lord's everlasting love, a wonderful and significant moment in GO's history came on May 21, 2000. GO's program on RCTI, Penyegaran Rohani Kristen Protestan was given the opportunity to proceed with LIVE programs. Our program is shot LIVE from GO's own studio, three times a month, and by microwave transmission is sent to RCTI's tower in Jakarta, then broadcast via satellite throughout Indonesia. It's such a rewarding feeling to see how the word of God, being sent over the airwaves, has such a positive and lasting effect on the viewers. Each time we go LIVE, we're ecstatic to know, that we have the chance to bless over 45 million households throughout Indonesia.

After the start of our live programs, many praise reports of healings, miracles, and deliverances began to pour in from all over Indonesia. We have witnessed the sick being healed, broken homes being restored, those oppressed by dark forces being delivered all by the grace of God. The Lord's miracles are happening whenever and wherever the name of Jesus Christ is being praised throughout our nation. Indonesia is not the only country being blessed by God's word. We also receive praise reports from our brothers and sisters in neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. They too are beginning to feel the Holy Spirit's miraculous power. We have been astounded and amazed to see the number of telephone calls sharply increase to 700 - 1,000 calls.
Program on Satellite
God opened yet another door for our ministry, by putting our program on satellite. It began with our program, Give the Wind a Mighty Voice, being broadcast on Australian Television (ATV). Give the Wind a Mighty Voice now airs on Miracle Net, through the JCSAT3 satellite, reaching throughout all of Asia including Indonesia. Working together with international outlets, GO Studio is able to cast a net that spans the whole of Asia, reaching around three million souls for the Lord. This means through the power of satellite GO Studio ministers to 1/3 of the earth's population.

Our satellite program is aired five times a week. Thanks to tremendous support and the positive feedback generated by our program, Miracle Net even gave us an extra "Prime Time" slot. Give the Wind a Mighty Voice can also be seen in streaming video on the internet at www.miraclenet.tv
Project R-50
Near the end of 1999, GO Studio had developed a very successful project and named it Radio 50, otherwise known as R-50. R-50 got it's name from GO's plan to develop a networking system, with at least 50 local radio stations around Indonesia. This project was headed by our radio network department, one component to our production and engineering division. In August 2000, we attained our goal of gaining and maintaining relationships with 50 radio stations. The number of radio stations helping GO spread the Gospel, quickly swelled to over 100 local radio stations. There are a few radio programs produced by GO Studio and distributed amongst the radio stations, these being Biji Sesawi (Mustard Seed), Melody Ranch, Berita Sukacita (Joyful News), and Jamahan Baru (Brand New Touch).

With the implementation of Project R-50, GO Studio has gained the ability to reach even the smallest of villages. Not everyone in Indonesia can receive the RCTI signal or have the financial stability to own a television. With Project R-50 we can easily access the highway and the byways for the glory of the Lord.
Television Program
During the 13 years GO Studio has been reaching the lost for the kingdom, we have produced programs for many TV stations across Indonesia. Aside from RCTI, we also have a highly rated program on TVRI Nasional called, A Brand New Touch.

In 2002, God blessed GO Studio with another amazing chance to reach the masses, this being the signing of an agreement to work together with several local TVRI stations across the country. With many relay stations, TVRI makes it possible for us to reach an even larger and diverse audience. TVRI Medan, for instance, reaches a much larger portion of the North Sumatra province than any other TV station in the area. Our program "Suara Kemenangan" is played on TVRI Menado, while "Give the Wind a Mighty Voice" is played on TVRI Samarinda, TVRI Kupang and TVRI Medan.
Branch Office
During the LIVE program we receive such a tremendous volume of telephone calls to our head office, that our prayer partners were having trouble keeping up with mass amount of calls. This is one of the reasons we decided to open repetitive offices in specific locations throughout Indonesia. This way we can assist the viewers who need prayer and counseling in a more efficient manner. The increased accessibility to reach our prayer partners in different provinces enables callers to directly reach us, with little or no long distance cost. Our repetitive offices also make it possible to provide assistance to local communities when we hold crusades around Indonesia.

Theses branch offices are an effective part of GO studio's growing media ministry. GOTV, Manado, based in Tondano, North Sulawesi is our largest branch reaching out to the largest centralized Christian in Indonesia. Other areas our branch offices are located are Batam, in Riau, Palangkaraya, in Central Kalimantan, and Makassar, in South Sulawesi. Within the past two years we have also opened offices in Medan, Surabaya, and Kupang. As the Gospel continues to spread throughout the islands of the sea, GO Studio will continue to extend out reach to the many in need.
Radio and Television Stations
The Lord not only allowed us to minister through the medium of Radio, he also made it possible for us to have our own local radio station to freely preach the Gospel. After the initiation of 1044 AM country station in the Bekasi area, we desired to set up another radio station in North Sulawesi. For many years now we've had the privilege to reach tens of thousands of people with our full Gospel station 97.3 FM Country Station, based in Tondano, North Sulawesi.

Another great accomplishment came for GO Studios with the founding of GOTV Manado, based out of Tondano. GOTV became the very first full Gospel station in Indonesia, playing all-day inspirational programming to bless the people of Minahasa. Garnering a large viewing audience, propelled by the overwhelming support of the Christian community, GOTV works with local churches to effectively spread the word of God throughout North Sulawesi. GOTV makes almost all of their programming directly from the Tondano studio, and even holds live programs with local preachers five days a week.

Nearly 20 years since it's beginning, GO Studio continues to be a blessing to the millions of people throughout Indonesia all thanks to the loving faithfulness of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are continually touched by the prayers and financial support of our partners, who faithfully labor with us in his field.

We wish to express our sincerest appreciation to all those who have supported us through prayer, donations, and any other helping hand that was given to this ministry. The hurdles we have climbed and the enormous goals we have reached together, was only made possible due to God working through each and every one of us. Even with all we have achieved so far, we can't be satisfied until the Lord's full vision of this ministry is realized. The work God is doing through television and radio media as well as satellite has only just begun, as many other fields still need to be harvested.
Our Vision
To reach and save the lost, discouraged, afflicted, and hopeless souls throughout Indonesia, Asia Pacific, and the word. Using the word of God thought the medium of Television, Radio, and Satellite to help those in need."
Our Mission
• Using the power of the Holy Spirit, GO Studio will develop partnerships and work together with TV stations, Radio Stations, and Satellite Ministries throughout Indonesia, Asia Pacific, and the world.
• Through the power of the Holy Spirit, GO Studio will minister to the television and radio audience by telephone, letters, electronic media, and all other sources
Prayer Partners
Our praying partners program is one way we can minister to anyone in need, 24hrs a day. If you have a problem or heavy burden and wish to be prayed for, we are always available and ready to take your call and agree with you in prayer.

Contact us at (021) 897-3801 (hunting) or (021) 899-08830 (hunting)
GO's Correspondents division is another way we minister thru letters and e-mails. If you are facing troubled times, have questions, or problems please allows us to help you. We will reply to your letters and e-mails with answers firmly rooted upon the word of God.

GO STUDIO Correspondents, PO.Box 27 Bekasi 17550.
E-mail: prayer@gostudionasional.org
New Life Course
The New Life Course is a certificated written Bible course. Through this course you will be taught how to know Jesus Christ and live as a new creation, made by the word of God and the Holy Spirit. This course is simple and easy to understand. There are five lessons to the New Life Course, and they are:

1. Answers (Book)
2. Who is God (Book)
3. New Discovery I "Peace Forever"
4. New Discovery II "Happiness Forever"
5. New Discoveries III "Knowing your destiny"

There is a small charge, per lessons being Rp 10,000, including shipping cost. If you wish to know Jesus on a deeper more personal level, grow, and bear fruit in Jesus Christ, join our New Life Course. Send your request to join the course to:

GO STUDIO New Live Course
PO.Box 27 Bekasi 17550.
E-mail: ministry@gostudionasional.org
Rev.John Hartman's Profile
Rev. John Hartman is the president and founder of Gospel Overseas Studio or as it's more commonly known, GO Studio (The first Christian television media in Indonesia). A ministry not built on the strength of one men but instead a vision given by God, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit to fulfill that vision. Thanks in part to Rev. Hartman's faithfulness to the vision that the Lord has given him and the Lords steadfast truthfulness, GO is still able to break boundaries and remain willing vessels for the Lord to use.

Rev.Hartman began his first media ministry in Placerville California in 1976. Chanel 62 was a triumphant blessing f or the community of Placerville. Since the he has successfully built several TV stations in Indonesia. Aside from the media aspect, Rev. Hartman frequently holds crusades in churches and open fields throughout Indonesia, America, and other countries.

Before giving his life to the Lord completely, Rev.Hartman worked as a detective for the LBPD (Long Beach Police Department). During his years of service as a police detective, Rev. Hartman has faced many dangerous situations almost lost his life on more than one occasion. He has also been a bodyguard for many famous celebrities including Michael Landon, John Wayne, and even Elvis Presley. After the Lord completely healed him of a desperate fight with lung cancer and touched his hardened heart, he had a deep personal change in his life. Accepting Jesus as his personal Lord and savior led him to give his entire life to serving the Lord.

After studying the Bible at the world renowned Rhema Bible School, Rev. Hartman, began preaching the word of God in many parts of the Untied States. Before God could send him to fulfill his destiny in Indonesia, the Lord trained him in the battlefield fist. Preaching in many American Indian Reservations throughout America, allowed Rev. Hartman to gain the necessary experience he would need to reach the "islands of the sea."

He never lost hope, even after waiting eight tumultuous years after receiving and waiting upon the Lord to bring the vision of a media ministry in Indonesia to pass. God's word is true, just like it says in 1 Corinthians 14:33 God is not the author of confusion. The Lord made it possible for Rev. Hartman to meet with Pastor H.L. Senduk, or more commonly by his nickname Om Ho. Being the pastor of GBI node church in Indonesia, Om Ho invited Rev. Hartman to come and preach at a crusade. In 1991 as Rev. John Hartman and his wife Mary stepped off the airplane in Jakarta, for the first time, he had an overwhelming feeling that this was the beginning of the vision being fulfilled.

Rev. Hartman is still actively preaching and holding crusades in all parts of Indonesia, reaching the souls hungry for the word of God. His love, for the God that so completely changed his life, keeps Rev. Hartman standing firm, continuing on the path to the complete fulfillment of the vision the Lord has given to him.
Penyegaran Rohani Kristen



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